Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December post

Readers and Bloggers! Heyyyy.

Damn, it's 13th of December already. Time do fly by too quickly and that also means that Christmas Day is only around the corner. So, have you guys done with your Christmas shopping? I haven't and was thinking only wearing my old decent cloths. Saves more moneyyyyy. 

Anyway, I've started my practical training recently (4 weeks ago) and I don't really like it. Well, I prefer staying at home rather than going to "work". It's just no fun at all but yeah I gotta be mature right. No childish thinking anymore.

So, the staffs are nice to us but some of them aren't. What do I care right? We've been busy doing some taking off, filing, folding drawings and etc. It's not that hard just that there's so many and I'm lazyyyy. Yeah me! The good news is I'm going to be staying in my hometown until June next year. Yayyy! 

As always, some people are starting to get on my nerves. Especially that someone. Grrrr! Ugghh, nevermind that fugly person. Better busy with my own biswack!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that dearest daddy bought us kitties! There are 2 of them and I picked the cutest one who's name is Greycy. She's a Persian and has only been 3 months old. The other one was picked by my sis. He's name is Greyson (She named it after Greyson Chance. lol!) and he's 4 months old. Greyson is an American Curl kitty. But he sure is big for his age. Love them both to death!

Kay, that's it for now. xoxo

With love. Jill.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Raya holiday

Hello dearest readers!

Sorry, sorry, sorry for not posting for a long long time. Ceiii, as if you guys missed me. Hahaa. Excepts for Miss Sher @ Dream and Love, maybe :)

Okay, so I was thinking on posting about my last holiday that was last week. Hopefully I still can remember every details of it. *wink*
As always, I spend most of my holidays going back home to Sabah and enjoying every moment of it with my dearest family but last holidays was a bit different than the others cause we went somewhere out from Sabah. A vacation to Labuan! Yeah, yeah, I know it's not even that far but at least Labuan is consider another state, right?

Well, going to Labuan is the last part of my holidays so let's begin with what I did before holiday vacation :)

So, I came home on the 25th of August, and it was the earliest flight of the day so basically when I reached home, it was still kindda early. Yeah! Dearest Super Mario fetched me from the airport and we went to have our breakfast before he sends me home and went to work. Later at home, no one was around. The whole family went to work and schools so I took a longgggg nap in my brother's room [he got a new a/c and i love the feel of brand new things! :P ]. Only then after 2pm did I woke up from the sound of a monkey making noise a.k.a my brother! Just kidding! But the thing is I was so happy when I saw him cause I did miss him a lot. Aww man! Who turned me into a girl? lol
After that, I forgot all about the details of my first day at home excepts during that night we went out to dinner for my beloved daddy's birthday and Mr. Mario joined us too. We had tones of seafood dishes. My most favorite of all is the soft crab. Ngee!

The other days went by as usual, nothing special but I spend my day snapping pictures using the Canon DSLR that my dad bought for us kids. Sadly I can't bring it to college with me so I was missing that big cammy for the whole time when I was not at home. I brought the cammy around the house compound and snaps whatever I saw that was photograph-able. Luckily our house still have that village atmosphere so the pictures kindda look like antic or vintage style. Here are some pictures that me and my sibling snaps. Note that some of the pictures with # symbol for the caption were taken by my sister. She'll kill me if I don't give any credit to her :P










Taken by my brother

Well, that was practically what I did from Thursday til Saturday. Then came Sunday, the family and I went for Durian hunting at old by-pass to Papar from Lok Kawi, then again unfortunately there aren't many people selling durian yet. Maybe because it's not the season yet? Yeah, I guess so. We did actually found an old Anyong [old Chinese lady] selling durian by the road side but the price was super expensive! Seriously like RM25 per kg? That's cruel. lol. She said her durians was a special one. The khawin one that's why it's expensive and all. Well, mummy thought she wanted to buy only a couple of them but when the Anyong weight them, it shows that the total price was RM85. So, basically we ran. Ha ha. Nope, we just said that's too expensive so we left. 

After that, we went back to Penampang and decided to go for a drive somewhere in Sepangar. Me and the siblings beg dad to bring us to Rasa Ria Resort cause it's beautiful there and we brought Mr. Canon together. Woot! Woot!
Again, pictures, pictures. Enjoyyyy!

After about an hour spending time at Rasa Ria Resort, we went to Gayang Seafood Restaurant. It's a nearby restaurant from the resort. My family is quite the seafood lover so we ordered 3kg of crab and yummmm!

Okay so 4 days after, LABUAN here we come! Let the pictures talk.

DAY 1.

DAY 2.

DAY 3.

Okee dokey dearest readers, that's the end of my post today. FYI, I've been writing it since 4pm just now and now it's 10pm. Damn this broadband line. Hope you guys enjoy reading and also viewing all the pictures. Oh ya, I know it's late and all but I just wanna wish Selamat Hari Raya to all of you. Better late than never! With love. Jill. xoxo.
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